Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a safe, convenient and eco-friendly transportation mobility transit option to sustainable communities.

Core Value: Innovation, Leadership Ecological Sustainability:

Innovation: We are committed to re-defining the standard way of mobility. Our necessary approach to consistently invest in state of the art environmentally friendly transit systems that enhance the lives of people and communities.

Leadership: Passion, forward-thinking, and professionally trained staff are the essential elements of our team. We STRIVE to embody a superior experience, performance, and healthy work culture environment.

Ecological Sustainability: Our commitment to conserve natural energy produced by using electric, solar energy and fuel-efficient vehicles is the forefront of contribution to a more sustainable green eco-transportation system.


We park in the yellow lot for the Falcon’s games, a good distance from the stadium. Strive service is al always on time and very polite. We know that Strive Transit will get us to the stadium on time.

Alan - Atlanta

Yes, it has been a pleasure riding with Strive Transit over the past few years. Their drivers gives excellent customer service and I would highly recommend her to my family members friends and the public.

Drew - Atlanta, Georgia

Fast and professional are the best words to describe the Strive Transit team, they got me to my destination in the West End neighborhood, looking forward to next time!

Rosa B. Cotton - Atlanta


We’ve mentioned it before, but we will say it again. 90% of rides are Free. This is important to us because Westi was created to make our neighbors’ lives a bit easier. Auna, the founder of STRIVE TRANSPORTATION understands the importance of community. As someone who lives on the westside herself, she has experienced the transportation barrier first hand. So she decided to create this eco-friendly rideshare system that connects people in the neighborhood and gets you from Point A to Point B.