How Strive Transit Works


Interested in using our service? You have a few options to choose from below!

riders on Strive Transit

Our five-passenger electric vehicles rotate in the following service areas Vine City, English Avenue, Atlanta University Center, Ashview Heights, West End, Downtown, and Midtown Atlanta.  Book a tailored Strive Transit ride $5 one-way flat fee for all rides our 5-mile radius.

Daily Rides

Strive Transit is here to shuttle you from the game to the closest transit station. Our electric shuttles are already sitting in the parking lot, waiting to pick you up. We make rounds back and forth, so if you missed one, we will back again within minutes to pick up our next riders!

Sport Games
mercedes benz stadium

We shuttle for concerts, weddings, work events, festivals, reunions, and much more in the West End area of Atlanta. It is easy to book Strive Transit – try our service today. Say goodbye to excessive walking or hard to find parking, and say hello to Strive Transit.


Our Service Area

We are here to service local residents providing short distance rides during concert, festivals, events neighborhoods. We know that sometimes, public transit options just don’t work, specializes in short distance commutes and have dedicated our rideshare service to transport our neighbors within a 5-mile radius. So, come and hop on our eco-friendly electric shuttles. The best part? Most of rides are free, thanks to wonderful sponsors like the Home Depot. Learn more about sponsors and let us know if you want to join our community of sponsors here.



We park in the yellow lot for the Falcon’s games, a good distance from the stadium. Strive service is al always on time and very polite. We know that Strive Transit will get us to the stadium on time.

Alan - Atlanta

Yes, it has been a pleasure riding with Strive Transit over the past few years. Their drivers gives excellent customer service and I would highly recommend her to my family members friends and the public.

Drew - Atlanta, Georgia

Fast and professional are the best words to describe the Strive Transit team, they got me to my destination in the West End neighborhood, looking forward to next time!

Rosa B. Cotton - Atlanta